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Making money on Amazon isn’t as simple as you would think. Amazon can be downright frightening when it comes to optimizing product listings, catalogue management, and selecting the best advertising approach. Our team has deep roots in the Amazon seller and vendor industry, and we assist brands.

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Have you started business at Amazon but not getting sales? Spending a lot on Amazon PPC Campaign Ads without any results?

You’re at the right place! PPC Ad Campaigns are not as simple as it seems. We can face a lot of complications. Tools that I Use: Helium 10

To have your product displayed at the top of the search page, it’s very important to find out what type of search queries our customers are putting into the Search Bar and do an extensive competitor analysis to check where they benefit above us.
The winning strategy is to optimize your campaigns to show A9 Algorithm that your product is the most relevant against that top keywords or search terms, which will get you the best results possible and your listing will also be ranked organically.

For minimizing your ACOS, I’ll monitor your Amazon sponsored Ads regularly to stop the Irrelevant/Negative traffic coming to you, which is just a waste of your budget.

You’ll Get:

  • PPC Keywords Research
  • PPC Campaign Setup, Management
  • Bidding adjustment regularly
  • Negative KWs Implementation
  • Boost Traffic, Sales and BSR, Weekly Reports

Having issues to manage your sales? Don’t have time to manage PPC? ACOS is bad? Don’t have much sale of product? Do you need support to improve the popularity of the product and boost sales?

Then you are at the right place.Be worry free, I will manage and optimize your campaigns in a professional way.

I will help you increase sales on Amazon,increase your sales by an average of 40 percent to bring your Amazon product to the ideal point.

Strategy for PPC Ad campaign setup:

  • I’m going to investigate Keywords that will provide you with Top Searches.
  • Create Auto, Manual, KW Targeting & Sponsored Ads.
  • Manage the Bids of the kW to ensure the ACOS is kept profitable.
  • Add Irrelevant Keywords as negative KW to improve PPC efficiency.
  • To maintain a low ACOS, track your PPC campaign.

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